200 x 1,5 m

The film with sealed seam strengths ≥ 30 N/15 mm is suitable for a safe transport packaging of larger components and larger part quantities, assemblies and semi-finished products, e.g. for chamber emission tests according to ISO 12219-4, VDA 276, GS 97014-2, GS 97014-3, PV 3942 or VCS 1027,2769. Film sealing pliers are suitable for heat sealing the film.

The 3-layer barrier material offers maximum protection against air, oils, moisture and light, which prevents inadmissible aging and contamination of your samples.


The aluminum film composite made of 12 µm PET, 12 µm Al and 75 µm PE-LD heat seal layer in accordance with DIN 55531 type 1 complies with the strict requirements of the automotive industry for packaging components and material samples to test emission behaviour.


  • AL composite foil DIN 55531 type 1
  • heat sealable
  • high quality
  • in accordance with OEM requirements

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