Our high quality aluminum bags offer maximum protection against air, oils, moisture and light, saving your samples from inadmissible aging and contamination.

The 3-layer aluminum composite film of the flat bag in accordance with DIN 55531 type 1 complies with the strict requirements of the automotive industry for the packaging of samples for testing emission and odour behaviour.

The bags can be closed and opened easily and quickly with the practical press-to-close fastener and can alternatively be heat sealed.


In terms of emission samples it is highly recommended to close the bags hermetically by aid of our .

Heat sealing is strongly recommended to increase the transport safety, especially for emission testing samples. Therefore the portable heat sealer can be used.





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200×300 mm, 290×450 mm, 500×650 mm


20 bags, 50 bags, 100 bags

imat sample protection bag 4 imat sample protection bags

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