Why it is highly useful

Odor evaluation is highly individual, based on the fact that our physiologically unique noses are exposed to different odors, while experiencing incomparable emotional states in our lives. These unique experiences and physiologies influence our valuation practice. OEM Material suppliers are often outbraked in terms of odor, experiencing difficulties and uncertainties to determine the accurate odor grades accordingly to the OEM, during material development iterations. The good news: Accurate odor testing is learnable – and we know how.

Our high precision standard material for VDA 270 allows you to train and calibrate your odor team in the most effective and sustainable way possible – based on the OEM valuation practice.


Why training your panel is worthwhile

If you are a material supplier training your panel is worthwhile, even if you are not aiming to realize professional odor testing, because you can then better and faster pre-estimate the success of the material at an earlier state. This will save time and reduce costs in the development while increasing the chances of a quick OEM acceptance.

If you are a professional odor examiner, the high precision standard material will allow you to check and further improve your skills.

Your advantages 

  • Opportunity to calibrate and check your valuation practice regularly
  • increases your panel quality
  • immediate comprehensive online results
  • Up to two further sets free of costs, in case you don’t succeed
  • advanced statistical data and graphics on all your deviations
  • making individual learning curves transparent
  • highest possible quality standards allow result comparability
  • easy to understand instructions
  • a userfriendly validation platform
  • constantly platform enhancements based on customer feedback
  • Support and further assistance from our experts on request


How it works

After purchasing and receiving a standard material set, simply follow the intuitive instructions to proceed the odor test properly, to make sure you create comparable results.

Once your team determined its grades, you can insert these values inside our unique online validation tool.

Within seconds you profit from detailled data about deviations, presented in easy-to-understand statistics, tables, ranks and graphics – for each individual examiner.

As you carry out more and more validations, the distribution graphics grow and result in transparency on individual (standard) errors, enabling and maintaining quick improvement on accurate odor testing.

Soon E-Learnings and odor tester certificates will round up the portfolio, to make it easy to improve and professionalize everyone’s odor testing skills.


Product details

Product content Six high precision standard materials, instruction
Current special up to two further sets free of costs, in case you fail
Packaging Each sample is packaged hermetically
Sample size 10 x 10 cm
box weight 0,5 Kg
Price excl. VAT and shipping costs
Shipping DHL or FedEx delivery
Proper use Please pay attention to the simple instruction inside


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