In accordance to the VDA-requirements for the hook and loop fastener test-standard, imat-uve has developed the high precision hook pad made of injection-molded polymer. This is going to replace the velcro tape at the abrasion test according to VDA 230-210 test-standard.

The hook pad does apply to the new high precision abrasion sample holder.


The set was developed together with the VDA working group for fabrics and textile materials and is highly recommended by the VDA, based on its higher standardization.

This innovation ensures, that the new test-standard of the former velcro test leads to more trustful and reproducible test results. The comparability of the results can only be achieved with the hook pad. The hook pad has a position anchoring, that fits into a notch inside the Martindale specimen holder. Thereby it can be ensured, that the pad is always inserted in the same orientation.


One pad is used for each test run, before it is disposed or recycled. In consequence each material test is based on the exact same quality of the pads.
The high precision hook pads are available in individually welded packaging.

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