The first fogging test system that can detect volatile substances in raw materials without using any oil bath. By deliberately avoiding hot or hot bath fluids, occupational safety is significantly increased and costs can be optimized.


Handling related to technical design
  • No attention required to the „filling level“, regardless the number of glass beakers inserted into the device


  • Temperature setting tR to 150°C
  • Based on the technical construction and regardless the desired set temperature, no (oil-) dust will affect test results nor additional oil dust is exposed to the environment (lab)

Costs for initial installation

  • No further costs are associated with the installation of the permatherm (beside two power outlets)
  • All in all, the costs for initial set-up are zero.

Operating costs /


Costs of Ownership



  • Electricity costs
  • No oil = no costs
  • No oil = no need to change the oil
  • No oil = no need to disposal oil
  • No oil = no need to install and maintain a fume hood
  • All in all, the operating costs of the permatherm are zero beside electricity costs.


Price on request

Please contact Carmen Pelters.


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